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It all started when…

Manya Williams and Gretchen Ulrich were introduced by a mutual friend and discovered each other on parallel professional paths upon meeting.  Both active practicing nutritionists, culinary chefs and yoga teachers they each understood first hand that time was a major obstacle for clients who wanted to prepare food, eat well and feel good.

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As it turned out both Manya and Gretchen studied under Matthew Kenney, a leading plant based chef and collectively shared a passion to offer support and education on holistic nutrition and creating a cafe experience by offering seasonally and medicinally directed food options that are convenient and budget friendly.  Holistic nutrition is the modern natural approach to developing a healthy balanced diet while taking into account the person as whole. Manya and Gretchen quickly got to work on creating a kitchen space that is open, inviting and transparent as the food they prepare and serve.  Plantd Cafe + Marketplace was born out of a need for fresh food that was convenient but has quickly grown into a a farm to table cafe and marketplace that is both transparent and approachable.  To share food and experience the gift of nourishing people in the community is the ultimate honor for both.