Rewrite your diet and lifestyle and get in touch with your natural rhythm.  Struggle is optional. 


Body Wisdom Coaching

One to One Support. Our modern culture has disconnected us from our natural rhythms.  More access to information about how to take care of our bodies leaves us feeling overwhelmed.   The personalized counseling you will receive with Manya Williams will take the drama out of achieving the body that you've always wanted with a positive mood to match.  

You will  learn to stop relying on will power and integrate rhythms of recovery from patterns that hold you back.  Discover your love of cooking and get comfortable in the kitchen.  Naturally improve digestion and elimination without struggle.  Understand what your body is craving and why.  And most importantly, release negative self talk and limiting beliefs that keep your self doubt alive


One-on-one guidance to align your body, mind, & emotions.

  • Make peace with your body and relationship with food
  • Stop relying on will power and finally break your addictions & negative thought patterns
  • End the detox to retox cycle and stop using food as 
  • Re-kindle your love for cooking and spending time in the kitchen
  • Improve your digestion and energy levels throughout the day
  • Learn daily self care practices that will help you manage worry and self doubt
  • Connect with seasonal foods and understand what your body is craving
  • Release negative self talk and limiting beliefs
  • Align with your intuition and unlock your body's built in wisdom

What You'll Receive

  • A complete health history consultation with a constitution assesment
  • Three 60-minute coaching sessions three times per month  via phone/skype/ in-person
  • A customized daily routine plan including meal prep, mindful work habits and do-able exercise practices to spark metabolism
  • Guidance on how to  stock your pantry for optimal eating habits
  • One-on-one grocery shopping visits to create happy digestion and enjoyable kitchen time
  • Guided meditations, breath techniques, and yoga practices to incorporate any day of the week
  • Self care practices for your unique constitution to stay that are in harmony with each season
  • Unlimited email support and accountability throughout
  • Special discounts to online programs and workshops

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