The key to elevating mood is elevating food -- one meal at a time. Welcome to your personalized meal delivery service.


Get ready to turn your fridge into a delicious medicine cabinet with our personalized menu suited to fit your goals and improve your mood.  Best of all, your meals are delivered right to your front door so need to add anything else to your "plate".   

Eating for pleasure & nourishment is possible.  Your meals are created in harmony with the seasons organic ingredients grown on local farms and will always include supportive herbs and spices to keep your blood sugars steady and immune system robust. 

Special dietary needs?  We work with FOD MAPs, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free including food allergies and sensitivities and more.  All meals are 100% plant based, organic and sustainable. Best of all you will be eating in harmony with the seasons - as nature intended it.  No more watermelon in the winter, Brrrr!



Pick your food style. Entrepreneur, SuperMom, Athlete, Health Foodie, Working Pro, & Serial Multi-tasker 


Digestion is how your body breaks down what is coming in from your plate in order to give you the fuel you need to live the life you want.  Absorption is how efficiently you can use this fuel.   Elimination is how your body lets go of you unneeded food choices.   How good you feel is directly related to how each of these steps is working in response to what you eat and ultimately how good you will feel...

Our meal delivery service creates recipes inspired by the fresh bounty of local produce from Central Oregon and Willamette Valley  to create meals centered around the simple idea of 'farm to plate'.  Weekly menus are designed with the intention of each dish creating a wellness experience and elevating your mood.




Ready to get started? Let's explore your needs, preferences, body constitution and specific dietary requirements with a complimentary consultation.

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