Rewrite your diet and lifestyle and get in touch with your natural rhythm.  Struggle is optional. 


One to One Support. Our modern culture has disconnected us from our natural rhythms.  More access to information about how to take care of our bodies leaves us feeling overwhelmed.   The personalized counseling you will receive through Plantd will take the drama out of living in the body that you've always wanted with a positive mood to match.  

You will  learn to stop relying on will power and finally break your addictions & negative thought patterns.  Re-inspire your love of cooking and time spent in the kitchen.  Naturally improve digestion and elimination without struggle.  Understand what your body is craving and why.  And most importantly, release negative self talk and limiting beliefs that keep your self doubt alive and well.


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— Morbi Facilisis


Calm your body and mind. Congue dolor vene natis et tinci dunt dolores.


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