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Manya Williams is an accomplished plant based chef, holistic nutrition educator and Ayurvedic Practitioner & Body Therapist. The culinary nutritionist founded Plantd Cafe & Marketplace so that she could share her passion for fresh, whole, locally grown, organic, sustainable and delicious food in a high vibe community.

Over the last 15 years, Manya has inspired countless others through her personal journey with food and mood.  Now, she and her team delivers seasonal directed, plant based and health supportive meals to athletes, busy professionals, change makers, medical doctors and families. Manya leads clients to better food choices and ultimately healthier lifestyles.

Manya's passion for culinary nutrition surfaced during her work as a documentary film editor in NYC where she often burned the candle at both ends to see her film projects through to completion.  She returned to school to secure her Ayurvedic Practitioner certification from California of Ayurveda and coupled that with a Master Chef in Natural Foods and Holistic Food Therapy Certification from Annemarie Colbin at the Natural Gourmet Institute.

Manya moved to Bend with her son and husband in 2014.  The nutritionist believes her small role can make a significant impact in the lives of her clients. She says, Plantd Cafe is helping individuals and families lead healthier lives through hands on education and nutritional guidance. What we eat affects our physical, emotional and mental well being. Food is just the beginning.  At Plantd Cafe, we strongly believe in a person's bio individuality and help our community understand the food choices that would best nourish their bodies.